Moving Checklists

We understand that moving can be a stressful time, which is why we've creates convenient moving checklists to help make this transition seamless. Use these checklists to ensure all of your responsibilities have been addressed before moving into or leaving an RPM Central Coast property. 

Move-in Checklist

We're excited to welcome you to an RPM Central Coast rental home. It's important to carefully follow the important steps as you prepare to take occupancy of the property: 

Security Deposit & First Month's Rent

Both the security deposit and your first month's rent are due at the lease signing. Be prepared to pay both amounts, as defined by the terms of your lease. If you're uncertain about the amounts, please contact us for assistance. If you're moving in mid-month, your first month may be prorated.

Move-in Date & Inspection

We will schedule a move-in date and inspection at the lease signing. 


Utility accounts for your rental property must be kept in good standing. All accounts need to be placed in the name of the leaseholder upon taking occupancy. We recommend contacting local providers three to five days before moving into the home. 

Move-out Checklist

As you prepare to move out of an RPM Central Coast property, it's important to take certain steps to respect the terms of your lease. Please be sure to address the following important items:

Notice of Intent to Vacate

Please be sure to refer to the terms of your lease, should you wish to leave your property. If you are breaking the lease, you will need to pay associated fees. We also require written notice of your intent to vacate the rental property. 

Cleaning the Rental Property 

All rental homes must be returned to rent-ready condition. Before you leave, be sure to handle the following: 

  • General Cleaning: All rooms of the property must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Pay particular attention to the kitchen and bathrooms, washing countertops, floors, walls, and appliances. Carpets must be vacuumed and shampooed, and all burnt out light bulbs need to be replaced. 
  • Landscaping: You are responsible for returning the keys with your landscaping in good shape. Mow the lawn, replace bulbs in outdoor fixtures, and weed any flowerbeds. 
  • Repairs: If damage has occurred during your stay, please speak with a staff member to resolve the situation. You also need to patch holes left in walls from screws and nails. 
  • Refuse disposal: All trash must be removed from the property before you vacate the premises. 

Failure to respect any of these steps could result in deductions from your security deposit. 

Security Deposit Return

We make every effort to return your security deposit quickly after your departure. You can streamline the process by taking care of all cleaning steps, facilitating a successful inspection.

Please note, your security deposit cannot be used to pay your final month's rent. Failure to pay your rent will result in missed payment fees and potential legal action. We will also report your failure to pay to the appropriate credit bureaus. 

Any damage resulting from your occupancy will be repaired at your expense. We will deduct repair expenses from the deposit. If damages exceed your deposit amount, we will invoice you for the remaining balance. 


Have Questions? We're Happy to Help.

We're happy to answer any questions you might have about the moving process. Simply give us a call to get answers: (805) 540-6022